Whilst other organisations operate across diverse disaster scenarios, the National Flood Forum works specifically in flood situations.

Our approach to flood recovery, community engagement and raising awareness is tried and tested. We believe partnership and collaboration are key to supporting people at risk of flooding.

We have worked alongside the Environment Agency, Natural Resources Wales, local authorities, water companies and many other organisations, to address the pressing and urgent needs of people who have experienced or are at flood risk.

The National Flood Forum as an independent organisation is more familiar with aspects of flood recovery and have helped the Environment Agency enormously with the time consuming task of organising groups and providing advice.

Our Services

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Why work with us?

Why should agencies and authorities use us for community engagement?

A flood action group is made up of a number of dedicated individuals, who commit their time and energy into forwarding their community to a situation where the flood risk is reduced.


Many agencies and authorities are striving to achieve this with flood risk communities. We have a track record of supporting groups so that they are more aware and prepared.

The feedback we have had from authorities we have worked alongside has been that:


They have gained a better understanding and awareness of the problems through local knowledge.


They have gained a community perspective on solutions.


They have welcomed working with a group that is none contentious, and willing to work alongside in partnership.


They have valued the group supporting mutual decisions, and relaying positive messages out into the wider community.


They have welcomed the group supporting the physical work on the ground, reporting and datum gathering.


They have found reduced contact by the community by phone and email.


They have benefitted from building congenial relationships with the community.


They have a constant point of contact with someone that is abreast and considered of what action to take in a flood event.


They are assured that the community are covered by a community emergency plan that is meaningful to the community and clearly supports the communities needs in a subsequent event.

How the National Flood Forum can help

A personal story from Geoff and flooding in West Sussex.

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