A Flood Action Group is made up of a core of local people who act as a representative voice for their wider community.

They work voluntarily to reduce flood risk by:

  • Identifying

    Identifying key issues.

  • Mapping

    Mapping out their own flood plan.

  • Setting

    Setting their own agenda.

  • Working

    Working in partnership with the agencies and authorities that manage flood risk.

Groups are very much led by the community themselves. The National Flood Forum simply gives them the tools to ensure their success and sustainability. It supports the group to work in partnership with the all the right professionals that are needed.

Heather Shepherd is our Community Support Manager who has worked alongside more than 250 Flood Action Groups.

What does she think the secret to a successful group is?

“We work with communities to empower them to reduce their flood risk and be in control.

“I have no doubt that the best results happen when people in Flood Action Groups are listened to, their ideas are valued and their local expertise and knowledge is acted upon as part of a partnership approach to reducing flood risk.

“Flooding is a complex issue with lots of agencies and authorities each having a different role to play, which is confusing and frustrating for people.

“In our experience the best way of making things happen locally is by communities working in partnership with those who can make a difference such as local authorities, the Environment Agency and water companies.”

You bring people together, listen to their concerns and understand.

You give communities a voice.

– Culmington Flood Action Group


The Shipston Story

Phil’s account of being flooded and the benefits of the group he joined.

Benefits of a Flood Action Group

A community flood action group is a tried, tested and effective way of tackling issues that the community has in the area.

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