Water safety is vitally important if you've ever been flooded, so we've put a few tips together to cover sewage contamination, cleaning up and drinking water.

Sewage, contamination & cleaning up

You need to notify your water company if you have sewage in your property or garden.

When clearing up and disinfecting:

  • Wear protective clothes, boots and rubber gloves.

  • Use a brush, soapy water and heavy duty cleaner, then rinse.

  • Floodwater may be contaminated so disinfect all areas affected after cleaning.

  • Make sure you wash your hands with antiseptic after cleaning up.

  • Disinfecting also kills most mildew and moulds.

Drinking water advice

Follow the advice of your local water company regarding the safety of the water supply. If in doubt, boil all water intended for drinking, brushing teeth, washing food and cooking or use bottled water.