The importance of working with communities

The impact of a flood can affect a community in many different ways.

Some people feel totally out of control with what is happening. They often feel as though no one is interested or able to help them. Others may feel spurred on to address their flooding problems and the situation can often draw communities closer together.

In some cases, flooding can create poverty in low income households. It can make life more precarious for the vulnerable and elderly; has psychological effects on children and adults and is an added distress for people with a language barrier.

Longer term, there can be a perception that no one is working together to try to find solutions to reduce the impact of flooding.

We had a residents’ meeting at which the National Flood Forum spoke...that was the turning point, because at that meeting a group of ten people agreed to form a flood action group.

– South Ulverston Flood Action Group


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Geoff’s account of being flooded and the impact on him.

How the NFF Can Help

A personal story

What is a Flood Action Group?

The formation of a Flood Action Group helps to tackle these issues.</p> <p>The National Flood Forum specialises in facilitating such groups and recognises the value of local expertise in finding solutions to local flooding concerns.