At the National Flood Forum we have the specialist support, knowledge and understanding to help people recover their lives after a flood. We are there after the emergency services have gone and offer practical and emotional support to help with the long process of recovery for as long as it takes.

Our services are designed to help individuals and communities recover from the material and emotional trauma of flooding. We seek to help build physical and emotional resilience to address their current issues and the threat of repeated floods.

Having worked for many years across a number of flooded areas in the UK we have a wealth of experience. This means we are able to bring together best practice with a unique and empathetic approach to a flood situation. We also have people on our team who have direct experience of being flooded which gives a shared perspective and understanding.

After a Flood

After a flood we can provide a bespoke recovery service depending on the needs of the community. In general the process includes the following:


Setting up an initial flood support centre, involving partners to provide information, guidance and support alongside sustenance and respite.


Organising a series of surgeries to provide general support, advice on insurance, resilience & resistance. We can also make home visits.


Providing a mobile recovery trailer that can go directly into the heart of a flood-hit area to make it as easy as possible for people to access help immediately.


Developing community groups, preparing them for engagement with agencies, voluntary groups and the wider community and continuing to support them for the life of the group.

Work with us

If you are a local authority or organisation that would like to commission the National Flood Forum to work in recovery with you, please call or fill in the form below.

01299 403 101