The National Flood Forum speaks out to highlight the plight of those affected by flooding.

There have been devastating floods almost every year since 2002. According to the UK Climate Change Risk Assessment 2017, increased flooding is one of the main risks we face from the effects of climate change in the future.

We therefore believe that flooding needs to be made a national priority.

Floods are not “unprecedented” and substantial and sensible long term investment is needed to ensure that people, property, businesses, infrastructure, utilities and services are better protected. All parts of government and society have an important role to play and we need to rapidly move to a position where this is accepted.

We need to be much more ambitious in our approach to flood risk management so that we can tackle the flooding problems we face now and adapt for the future.

We collectively need to recognise the scale of the problem and change our approach so that all parts of Government and society actively contribute to managing flood risk.



In order that we raise our ambition to meet the future challenge of managing and reducing flood risk, the National Flood Forum believes the following should be prioritised:


First and foremost, flooding affects people, so people need to be at the very heart of new policies, not as grateful recipients of handouts from the centre, but participating and driving change.


A national strategy and clear targets are needed so that we know what we are aiming to achieve and how we’re going to get there.


Creating sustainable communities for the future through carefully considered development and planning that actively reduces flood risk for new & existing communities.


Seeking ways to provide affordable flood risk insurance for all.


All parts of Government must proactively support the management of flood risk and work together to plan for and manage future flood events.
We provide a strong and independent voice that represents the interests of people affected by flooding. We believe collaboration and working in partnership achieves the best outcomes and we are committed to working with flood risk communities to ensure their voices and views are taken into account when decisions are made.