A community flood action group is a tried, tested and effective way of tackling issues that the community has in the area.

It might be blocked drains, trees in the river or something causing a dam, or maybe gurgling drains.

Whatever the concern, working in partnership with agencies and authorities that manage flood risk is the best start to lowering the areas of risk.

Alongside this partnership, is what the community can do to help themselves.

This may be creating their own store of sandbags or alternative sandbags, making a plan to support the community and finding a voluntary group to support it. Looking out for the frail and vulnerable to ensure they’re taken care of and accounted for. Or, feeding information up from the ground so that in an emergency, the authorities are aware of what is happening locally to those who are affected.

Through these grassroots groups, communities are able to...

Address their concerns about what’s not working

Be constantly in touch with what is intended for their community

Know procedures that are already in place regard routine maintenance

Have a voice as to the future flood risk of their community through consultation

Instigate ‘flood watchers’

Create awareness of flood risk to the wider community

Prepare to reduce the impact on the community should a flood event occur

We believe in simplicity, realising that we all have lives to live and spare time is short.
It feels so empowering to have formed our own flood action group with you and to be taking firm positive steps forward.

– Cleator Flood Action Group


How To Guide

Download your own guide to setting up a Flood Action Group and making it work!

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