14 Feb
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National Flood Forum Teams Up With The Home Insurer

THE NATIONAL FLOOD FORUM has partnered with The Home Insurer to help property owners get flood insurance anywhere in the UK.

The National Flood Forum is a charity dedicated to supporting and representing communities and individuals at risk of flooding. It helps flood blighted home owners and communities to take control of flooding in their lives.

The Home Insurer has access to some of the best flood insurance specialist underwriters in the UK, offering reductions in cost and excess if protection measures are put in place. More than 600,000 properties in flood risk postcodes can be treated as non-flood risks by The Home Insurer.

Flood Re Insurance for properties with complex histories or risks is also available from The Home Insurer.

National Flood Forum Chief Executive, Paul Cobbing, said: “We have gone through a thorough vetting process with The Home Insurer and are confident they can help many property owners who are struggling to find flood cover at a reasonable price.”

Not only does The Home Insurer target better policy coverage, price and excess for property owners, it also makes a donation to the National Flood Forum every time a policy is taken out, supporting flood communities all around the UK.

Flooded properties that may be unoccupied, buy to let, listed or in renovation can be catered for by The Home Insurer.

The Home Insurer’s, Jason McClean, said: “The National Flood Forum aims to solve problems for property owners and communities. The Home Insurer has the same objective – we want to ensure you can get insurance at the best price and excess possible. That does not always mean Flood Re Insurance, we also have excellent flood specialist facilities.

“We are experts when it comes to flood risk and property insurance. We talk to property owners and then place the risk with the most appropriate underwriters. We talk to the underwriters and explain reasons that flood insurance should be more affordable or why lower excess should apply and often end up solving problems for the home owner.”

For more information click on the National Flood Forum’s Household Insurance information or The Home Insurer.  To speak with The Home Insurer, call 0800 612 5764.

The National Flood Forum’s Helpline for advice on flooding issues is also available on: 01299 403055.