07 Feb
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Community Groups and Local Authorities sought for UK’s Largest Flood and Coast Event

Following some of the most dramatic flood and Coastal Erosion incidents that the UK has witnessed in recent history, an intensive 3-day conference and Exhibition convened by the Environment Agency has been finalised.

Clare Dinnis Deputy Director of Strategy at the Environment Agency and Chair of the conference said “No one body can provide a fully rounded response to flood risk management. Local flood authorities, the Environment Agency, other risk management authorities and our partners all have a part to play. As do the communities and businesses who face the risk. We want to bring the whole flood and coast risk management community together to hear from one another, learn from each other and share perspectives. It is only by listening to those who suffer from flooding that we can truly understand the devastating impacts that we are trying to reduce.”

The event takes place from 28-30 March at the Telford International Centre and attracts key stakeholders from the flood and coastal erosion risk management (FCERM) community, including local authorities, over 150 senior Environment Agency staff, civil engineers, community groups, infrastructure owners, consultancies, utility companies, contractors, businesses, flood research consultants and universities from across the country and over 150 key speakers from the UK and abroad.

Flood and Coast 2017 will share the latest ideas and showcase up to the minute flood defence solutions for local authorities and stakeholders.

Local Authorities and Communities

This year’s event will have an emphasis on attracting local authorities and community groups to engage with the Environment Agency and other stakeholders. Visitors can join either the technical conference or the free exhibition and the free ‘Seminar Live’ series, but we know from experience many will opt to attend both. Passes are available for both one or three days.

The Conference

Involving over 150 top speakers and amongst others sessions, conference streams will include:

  • Water – Managing the extremes
  • Planning for Flood Risk
  • Community leadership on flood and coastal risk
  • Delivering property level resilience
  • Community flood groups in their own words – managing local flood risk
  • Learning from international cities’ approach to flood risk
  • Under pressure – responding to a flood emergency
  • Funding for flood alleviation
  • Community flood risk planning – what can we offer people at risk and how can they get involved?
  • Flood Recovery lessons learned
  • What strategies can be used to protect your infrastructure against flood?
  • Are we doing enough to make our cities resilient to flood?
  • Best Practice Training and Support for Lead Local Flood Authorities
  • The Future of sustainable drainage
  • Future flood forecasting systems, measures and approaches
  • Developments in Coastal Flood forecasting
  • Managing the risks to rail and road bridges from scour
  • Strategic planning on the coast
  • Working with Communities at risk – the research
  • Sustainable Coastal communities
  • Health and flooding – the latest research and how to use it
  • International perspectives on flood resilience and response
  • Natural flood alleviation in practice

Further information or to register please visit www.floodandcoast.com