17 Jun
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Job Vacancy: Trainee Flood Engagement Officer (Cambridgeshire)

A Flood Officer for the National Flood Forum (NFF) is a diverse and rewarding job role involving working with grassroots people at risk of flooding to give them a voice in the future of their flood risk. It also includes working with Flood Risk Management teams in the Environment Agency, County & Local Councils, Water Companies & other potential partners. There is a six-month probation period where you will be required to learn methodologies developed by the NFF.

Key skills required are:

  • Exceptional verbal communication at all levels (grassroots & professional bodies)
  • Exceptional personal strengths i.e. warm, approachable, patient & genuinely compassionate
  • Exceptional listening skills
  • Confidence and enthusiasm when introducing & using NFF methodologies
  • Confidence in speaking and steering large audiences
  • Self-motivated
  • Ability to take the initiative in driving work forward

You will need to be proactive at managing entire projects including writing reports in a timely manner. You will be responsible for enhancing & promoting the NFF’s reputation with pride. Being able to work in a team is essential and will involve help & support to the NFF team when needed.

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