Flood Action Groups up and down the country are packed with people volunteering their time and ideas to help local communities reduce their risk of flooding.

The impact of a flood is devastating. These groups are borne out of a need to tackle a problem that threatens people’s lives and livelihoods.

At the National Flood Forum we know that people feel a sense of loss and despair when they’re hit by flood water in their homes or businesses. It can damage buildings and possessions at a staggering pace and people often feel helpless as the water encroaches. That’s why the volunteers who meet to share ideas about reducing flood risk and take action to protect their neighbours from future flooding are so important.

We know it’s a challenging and emotional issue. We also know that when people work together to tackle their flooding problems they usually come up with practical, imaginative and realistic solutions.

That’s the beauty of local knowledge. Flood Action Group volunteers are often experts in their local area. They have great ideas about how best to manage water around their communities. When they bring their knowledge together they can truly make a difference to people’s lives.

We wouldn’t be without this amazing volunteer network of committed, dedicated and determined people, who help to act against flooding each and every day.


What is a Flood Action Group?

A Flood Action Group is made up of a core of local people who act as a representative voice for their wider community.

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Affiliating to the National Flood Forum

As the number of community-led groups grows we want to increase our affiliated membership to ensure we’re getting a clear picture of common issues and concerns across the country.

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