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Membership Scheme goes Live

The Flood Forum has now launched the Membership scheme.  This is a really practical way in which you can support flood risk communities and the work that we do.  A strong membership will strengthen our voice with government.

There are three grades of membership – Individual and Group, with annual subscriptions of £25 and £100; and Corporate, with three subscription levels.

Individual Membership is open to anyone interested in flooding and wanting to support our work with an annual subscription or donation.

Group membership is open to any community flood group wanting to help develop our work and our fundraising, giving us a stronger voice to speak out for flood risk communities.

Corporate Membership is open to councils and other public bodies, as well as commercial concerns wanting to support our work and objectives with an annual subscription.

Do you know any individuals or organisations that we could approach for membership?  Please let Amanda know on 01299 403101.

Affiliated Community Groups will still have access to advice and support as before.  You don’t have to become a Group Member but doing so will help us to develop our work.

For information and application form click here