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Press Release from the National Flood Forum

National Flood Forum welcomes new spend

The National Flood Forum today welcomed the new announcement on flood defence spending.  Protecting people from the devastating effects of flooding is vital and this is a timely contribution.  The floods over the last 7 months have demonstrated the importance of a comprehensive flood risk management programme and people across the country who are at risk of flooding will therefore be better protected as a result of today’s announcement.

“We welcome today’s announcement of funded capital schemes, which will bring relief to many communities” says Charles Tucker, NFF Chairman.  “However, we are still waiting for a Government decision on a framework for flood risk insurance despite negotiations going on for over 2 years.”

Reaching agreement on a replacement for the Statement of Principles governing flood insurance for high risk properties is urgent.  The Statement of Principles runs out in June this year and already many insurance companies are making plans that assume there will be no agreement.  The consequence will be a free-for-all where insurance companies are free to charge what they like and refuse insurance to anyone who is at high risk.

“The negotiations seem no nearer a conclusion.  Meanwhile, thousands of householders across the country fear that the next heavy rainstorm will bring renewed flooding.  How much longer must people wait?”  Charles Tucker commented, “The Flood Forum has long held that it is Government’s responsibility to reach an agreement with the insurance industry and establish a clear framework for flood insurance.  Failing agreement, a completely free market will leave many thousands of high risk properties unable to obtain insurance in future years.”

Charles Tucker added “This extra funding demonstrates that Government understands the concerns of people at risk of flooding; we hope that this soon translates into a decision on a new framework for flood risk insurance.”


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Editors notes:

  • The National Flood Forum is a charity dedicated to supporting and representing flood risk communities.  It helps people to recognise, understand and reduce their flood risks and also helps people to recover if they have been flooded.  The National Flood Forum also works to ensure that the needs of communities are fully recognised by Government, Environment Agency, local government and the insurance industry.
  • The National Flood Forum provides a range of help and services.  For example, anyone can call our helpline for advice on flooding issues– 01299 403055, or visit our website –”

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